Gulls give chase to the chip thief. Is that a smile upon his face? Or is he going to lose his prize As three more join the chase? A splash within the near-shore A salmon jumps for joy! Or does a hungry porpoise Lurk beneath bobbing buoy? Ships that pass the skyline far Who knows … More Re-ashore


Wild   I seek myself On hills and moors Midst trees and grass Where wild things live.   I find myself Midst hills and moors In trees and grass Where wild things hide.   Hiding and looking Searching and learning Finally understanding I am wild.

Autumn missed

  Juicy black globes hang meekly from thorny stems radiant with dew, reflecting the early sun meekly striving to break the shroud of cloud cloaking the stealthy approach of autumn. As her bounty ripens, the leaves morph to russet and gold Preparing to parachute onto the softening ground while hiding birds ,newly arrived or about … More Autumn missed

ESF25190-17b (28B)

It’s quiet in the battle bus today. Contemplation of the fight ahead? Or “The Last Supper” Or thoughts of loved ones far away? In time or place. Approaching the wire with but one sentinel on watch No dog but early morning weariness in his eyes, We don the armour and gather up the tools of … More ESF25190-17b (28B)


The sea is silver plate polished by the sun Smooth as silk and free from blemish The water glides to caress the stony shore Like the touch of a feather, left behind by Balletic swifts screaming through the still air Rapier moves, they dance on high A highlight of this balmy eve Respite from the … More Re-Fresh