Parkinsons Time Machine

My mind – a time machine?

Rewind’s  the past,

Imagines the future,

Twists the now.

Connects distant points.


Something of a dreamer,

My mind is free,

A portal to the past,

Free to explore the universe,

Free to question and invent.


Finding shortcuts to destinations,

I don’t recall visiting,

Never to the same points,

Nor in the same way,

Details form and dissipate each time.


Obsessed with time,

Stonehenge builders,

Wormhole memories,

Too small to see,

Exist in the fourth dimension.


In nooks and crannies,

In mind,  space and time,

Amplified memories,

Re-enter dreams,

Build a feedback loop.


Destroys the recollection,

Or creates the paradox?

True or false?

Despite the facts,

Confused again?


But the story’s not yet over,

Recall is not total,

Only partial,

But not impossible,

My time machine is trying.


Time flows like a river,

Each of us trapped in its current,

Carried relentlessly onwards,

In swirling eddies,

In one direction only.


But like a river,

Flows at different speeds,

In different places,

Is this why my mind is drowning?

I forget………………….

31/1/17 SJLowe

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